Youth Outreach Clinic Application

Submit one application per horse and rider combination. You may apply with more than one horse, but you must submit an application for each. Applications submitted after the published deadline will not be accepted.

Please carefully read the Youth Outreach Clinic Information before you apply. Riders must be in compliance with these guidelines in order to be considered.

Rider Information

Horse/Pony Information

Tell us about you and your horse/pony

Tell us about you and your horse/pony

Tell us about you and your horse/pony

8. I realize that riding in clinics is demanding and I declare that my horse is sound, fit and able to perform movements at the level I have indicated above.

9. I realize that if my horse is not fit or unsound on the days that I ride; I may be asked to withdraw due to the welfare of the horse.

10. Please include your YouTube video link here. If you do not have a video at this time, please state "Video to be sent" in the field below. Video must be submitted before the deadline.

Video Guidelines

  • Video must show a complete dressage test on the horse in the application.
  • FEI Juniors, FEI Young Riders, or FEI Pony Riders should ride the appropriate Team test.
  • Videos should be recorded from the end of the arena.
  • Videos must clearly show the horse and rider. No cell phone videos.
  • Videos do not need to be from a horse show or recorded in a regulation size arena. Show attire, braiding, etc. are not required; however, riders must wear protective headgear.

Tell us about you and your horse/pony