Preliminary Award Standings and Archived Award Results Available Online

For Immediate Release
Thursday, April 10, 2008

          Lexington, KY (April 10, 2008) - The United States Dressage Federation announced today that 2008 preliminary award standings for the Adequan/USDF Year-End Awards, including the Adequan/USDF All-Breeds Awards, are now available on the USDF Web site as well as archived award results for the previous two competition seasons.  Anyone who logs into the USDF site can access the most up-to-date award standings and monitor these standings throughout the competition year.  Archived results are available only to those individuals who are logged into the USDF Web site and have a participating or business membership (PM/BM). 
          The preliminary awards standings for Adequan/USDF Year-End Awards are obtained by selecting an award category (i.e. Dressage Horse of the Year, Adult Amateur, Junior/Young Rider) and level (Training - Grand Prix).  In the case of the Adequan/USDF All-Breeds Awards, the standings are available by selecting an all-breeds participating organization (PO), category and level.  However, only the standings in categories awarded by the chosen PO are accessible. 
          The preliminary award standings search function is available to determine a person's or horse's standing for the specified year-end awards.  By entering a horse's or person's USDF number, one can access a full listing of their ranking for all respective awards. 
          "These new features not only provide additional benefits to our members, but will also maintain the accuracy of award standings throughout the year by enabling members to monitor their progress and address any issues prior to the year's end," stated Chad Compton, Director of IT Services.
          For more information on USDF awards or related online services, contact the competitions department at or call the USDF office at (859) 971-2277.

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