USDF Congratulates New "L" Program Graduates

For Immediate Release
Thursday, October 22, 2009

          Lexington, KY (October 22, 2009) - The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce that forty-seven USDF members successfully completed the USDF "L" Education Program between April and October, 2009.
          The USDF "L" Education Program is designed to prepare candidates to enter the United States Equestrian Federation "r" Judges Training Program, to qualify individuals to judge schooling shows, and to give competitors, trainers, and instructors greater insight into the evaluative techniques of judging dressage. The program also serves to provide continuing education for licensed judges.  The "L" Program is an excellent opportunity for all USDF members to learn from licensed judges in order to improve their scores and view other rides from a judge's perspective, whether or not they plan on becoming licensed judges themselves.  "L" Programs are conducted by a faculty of USDF-approved United States Equestrian Federation "S"-licensed dressage judges who have experience in teaching judge-training programs.
          USDF congratulates the following new graduates of the USDF "L" Education Program:
Region 1:
Laurie Ford, NC
*Jessie Ginsburg, VA
Darcy Miller-Brown, PA
Jennifer Moran, VA
*Lisa Lewis, MD
Patricia Brosious, PA

Region 2:
Lorna Donahue, IL
*Nicole Trapp, WI
*Tracey Dikkers, WI
*Coralie Hughes, IN

Region 3:
*Deanna Thompson, SC

Region 4:
*Jodi Ely, MN
Denise Jostes, MN
Kim Krieckhaus, MO
Kathy Nardi, MN
Jessica Tofte, MN
Val Vetos, MN
Eileen Ostlund, IA

Region 5:
Michell Combs, AZ
*Missy Gilliland, AZ
Jessica Greer, CO
*Korie Hanseth, AZ
Johan Lammers, NM
Kailee Surplus, AZ
*Patti Thurman, UT

Region 6:
Jane Judson, WA
Mary Richmond Brown, ID

Region 7:
LJ Banks, CA
*Carole Crist, HI
Martha Goodney, CA
Mary Kehoe, CA
Cynthia Allen Lapp, CA
Lena Nordlof-Davis, CA
*Kathy Pavlich, CA
Ampara Visser, CA
Kristine White, CA

Region 8:
Catherine Christenson, VT
Cindy Collins, MA
Jill Delaney, VT
Gretchen DeMone, MA
*Rebecca Hicks, NY
*Catherine Hill, VT
Lisa Curry Mair, VT
Audrey Murphy, MA
*Allison King Russo, NY
*Jessica van Eyck, VT

Region 9:
Amy Talley, TX

          For more information about the USDF "L" Program, to contact a USDF "L" graduate, to access a calendar of USDF "L" education programs, or for details on hosting an "L" Program education session, visit or contact the USDF office at   

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