USDF Announces First High School Letter Recipient Through USDF High School Dressage Club Program

For Immediate Release
Friday, August 5, 2005

USDF is pleased to announce that Kenny Piguee, 15, a sophomore at Whittier Christian School in Brea, California, has been recognized as the first student to receive an athletic letter from his high school through the USDF High School Dressage Club Program.  

The USDF High School Dressage Club Program allows students to receive recognition for their athletic endeavors in dressage similar to the traditional high school sports such as football and basketball. Students may either form a dressage club within their school or may obtain permission from their high school to earn recognition as an individual.  Because Kenny is the only student in his school that competes in dressage, his school established certain criteria he needed to meet as an individual in order to earn his athletic achievement letter. 

The program is designed so that parents, trainers, and students work with their individual school to establish goals and criteria that should be met in order for a high school letter to be granted.  The United States Dressage Federation announced this program in 2005 to provide a structure for parents and groups seeking recognition for their high-school students' achievements in the sport of dressage. With this new program, riders may also earn high-school athletic achievement awards through involvement and activities sponsored by their supporting GMO. In addition, dressage lettering pins are will be available through USDF for those students who qualify through their school for their athletic achievement.

USDF is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to achieve recognition for their athletic and academic achievements.  This program is just one example of the many opportunities for youth members available through USDF.   For more information on this program, contact Sheila Forbes, USDF Director of Programs, at 859-271-7879 or

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