USDF Launches YourDressage on USDF App

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lexington, KY (July 13, 2016) - The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) announced today that it has launched a new digital publication, YourDressage, through the free USDF app, USDF: Your Dressage Connection. This new publication features human interest stories from participants throughout the dressage community and is free to everyone.

As the only national organization dedicated to dressage, USDF wants to provide a platform for dressage riders and enthusiasts to share their stories. YourDressage will allow the reader to experience these individuals' stories as they navigate through the dressage world, as well as highlighting common themes relatable to all equestrians.

USDF Executive Director Stephan Hienzsch added, "USDF is the go to resource for dressage in the US, and YourDressage is another way that USDF is your connection to the American dressage community. This publication provides a way for dressage enthusiasts to connect, on a personal level, with others around the country, as well as an opportunity for USDF's Group Member Organizations (GMOs) to shine a light on and promote the dressage communities in their areas."

To access YourDressage, download the USDF app, USDF: Your Dressage Connection, through your app store. If you are interested in submitting stories for possible inclusion in YourDressage, please contact the USDF office at

Founded in 1973, the United States Dressage Federation is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to education, recognition of achievement, and promotion of dressage. For more information about USDF membership or programs, visit, email, or call (859) 971-2277.