USDF Handler Clinic Featuring Michael Bragdell and Sara Vanecek Announced

For Immediate Release
Monday, December 17, 2018

Lexington, KY (December 17, 2018) - The United States Dressage Federation™ (USDF) announced today that its 2019 USDF Handler Clinic will feature instructors Michael Bragdell and Sara Vanecek, and will be held April 6-7 at Hilltop Farm, in Colora, MD. The focus of this clinic is for individuals interested in learning more about handling sport horses, with concentration on presentation for Dressage Competitions offering dressage sport horse breeding (DSHB) classes. Considered two of the top handlers in the country, Michael and Sara will share their wealth of knowledge and experience in presenting the best each horse has to offer, in a safe and efficient manner.  The clinic will also feature discussions regarding conformation and movement of the dressage horse, insight into developing a resume and marketing oneself, and how to get involved with the sport as a handler, as well as many other relevant topics, led by USEF 'R' DSHB Judge Kristi Wysocki. The weekend will also consist of extensive time spent working with live horses, culminating with a mock competition to give participants an opportunity to try their new-found skills in a competition-type situation.

USDF Sport Horse Committee Co-Chairs Kristi Wysocki and Natalie DiBerardinis had this to say about this to say about this remarkable educational opportunity; "We are excited to provide this opportunity to encourage individuals to learn more about the handling of dressage sport horses. We hope to attract some untapped talent, from professionals, amateurs, and young adults, to this important role in our sport."

The USDF Handler Clinic was developed in response to the demand for top-quality, professional handler in the US currently exceeding the number of professionals available, and the growing interest from amateurs, juniors, and young riders to compete in their respective in-hand divisions with their own horses.  For more information regarding the USDF Handler Clinic, or to learn about other USDF sport horse related offerings, visit the USDF website at, or contact the USDF office at

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